How to make your own Christmas Tree Toppers

Make your own Christmas Tree Toppers. It Is Easy with Handmade Bows!

All you have to do is take 2 Handmade Red Velvet Bows 10″ x 20″ and attach them back to back using the heavy duty green florist wire to create fantastic Tree Toppers. You will now have BIG 18 Loop Christmas Tree Toppers that will fit nicely on top a 5″ to 7″ foot tree.  The tree topper is easily attached using the heavy gauge florist wire each bow is secured with. Customize your bow by adding jingle bells, lights, glitter, and even snow flocking to create a truly unique Tree Topper for the Holidays. Cut the tails down the middle to create smaller streamer type tails you can lace throughout the top of your Christmas Tree. For more great ideas on how to decorate with your Handmade red velvet bows, check back periodically for future posts on Spin the image below to get the idea.

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Handmade Red Velvet Christmas Bows used to create a BIG Bow to be used as Christmas Tree Toppers.

Handmade Bow has made Red Velvet Christmas bows in the USA since 1974. All our Handmade Bows are skillfully hand tied to be luxurious enough to decorate indoors and rugged enough to withstand harsh winter conditions.  To buy Handmade Bows check us out on Handmade Amazon.

How To Make Christmas Tree ToppersChristmas Tree Topper

Combine 2 beautiful Handmade 10″ x 26″ Red Velvet Bows to create one awesome Tree Topper!