Christmas Wreaths and Bows; How To Pick The Right Size

Christmas Wreath & Bow Size Chart

Handmade Bows are The Best outdoor Christmas Wreath Bows because each Handmade wreath bow is Hand Tied in the USA by an experienced bow maker, using the highest quality weatherproof and waterproof red velvet ribbon assembled in the USA and each bow is sturdily secured with heavy gauge green florists wire ready to tie directly to your wreath. All Handmade bows are secured to header cards and carefully laid into custom packaging to ensure you receive your bows in perfect condition. Buy now on Amazon and receive FREE Shipping.

Over the years we have been asked many times what size Christmas bows do we recommend for what size Christmas Wreath. Years ago we created a chart, very similar to the one on this page, we would hang at Tilly & Salvy’s Christmas Tree Lot in Natick for their customers to use as a reference when buying their Christmas bows & wreaths.

Ring SizeWreath SizeHandmade Bow SizeBuy Now on Amazon
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8" Ring12" - 16" Wreath8.5"W x 18"L 2/15" TailsBuy Now On AmazonHandmade Bow Vintage Logo
12" Ring18" - 22" Wreath8.5"W x 18"L 2/15" TailsBuy Now On AmazonHandmade Bow Vintage Logo
16" Ring24" - 28" Wreath8.5"W x 18"L 2/15" Tails
10"W x 26"L 2/20" Tails
Buy Now on AmazonHandmade Bow Vintage Logo
20" Ring30" - 34" Wreath10"W x 26"L 2/20" TailsBuy Now on AmazonHandmade Bow Vintage Logo
Over 20" RingOver 34" Wreath 15"W x 42"L 2/36" Tails
or Custom Bow
Buy Now on AmazonHandmade Bow Vintage Logo

These dimensions are approximate.  The suggestions are general rule of thumb when choosing your Handmade Bow for your Christmas wreath and your preference may vary.  Always choose what YOU like best.

Christmas & Seasonal Wreath Sizes

Each wreath maker will have their own style and size of product. But for the most part the dimensions and measurements we list above are general wreath sizes for all holidays and seasons, not just Christmas.

If you like our Handmade Bows and you would like to have a custom holiday or seasonal bow created for your holiday or seasonal wreath, please contact us and let us know what look you would like and we will do our best to match it with a Handmade holiday or seasonal bow.
Christmas Wreath

Handmade Christmas Bows Style & Sizes

Handmade Bows are truly handmade by experienced bow makers.  We do not use templates, clamps, staplers, auto twist, Bowdabra’s (a very nice product by the way) or any other type of machine to create the original Handmade Bows. Our bow makers use an original hand tying technique perfected over 50 years ago by our original head bow maker, who just happens to be the owner of the company!  Because each bow is made by hand, each bow will be an original handmade item made just for you. The sizes we recommend above for Christmas s are suggestions. Always choose what YOU like best. Many wreaths vary in sizes. Handmade Red Velvet Bows are truly the best outdoor Christmas wreath bows money can buy. Sturdily made with highest quality Weatherproof & Waterproof red velvet ribbon assembled in the USA, ready to withstand even the harshest winter conditions. Handmade Bows cannot be beaten.