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Handmade Red Velvet Christmas Bows

Since 1974 The Handmade Bow hase made the USA’s most popular decorative holiday bows. Our original Handmade Red Velvet Christmas bow, a weatherproof and waterproof outdoor bow designed specifically for live Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths, is the standard by which all other red velvet bows are compared. Yes, every bow is truly hand tied by a real person, an artisan bowmaker. We have made ALOT of bows since 1974…chances are your family has decorated their home with Handmade Bows at Christmas. Thank you for your support!

More than just Christmas Bows…
Handmade Wedding Bows are the perfect diy Wedding Decorations

Check out our line of luxurious wedding bows. Perfect out of the box, easily embellished to match your wedding theme. Great idea for wedding decorating for Church, classic pew bows. Classy touch to outdoor weddings as chair bows, easy to attach to wedding chair covers; upgrade your wedding arch with our pre wired Handmade wedding bows.

Party Decorations, Baby Bows, Handmade Gifts, Parade Decor and more…

Check back often for the new additions to our line of specialty bows, party decorations, handmade gifts, parade route decorations. See our best selling St. Patrick’s Day bow, perfect of light posts, telephone poles along parade route…and they are beer proof!

If you do not see what you need, contact us. We make all our bows by hand, let us know what you need and we will do our best to help.

Made in the USA

Our bows and the business is in the USA. The Handmade Bow changed the Christmas bow industry with it’s innovative packaging, traditional handcrafted technique and it’s superior handmade bow. When you purchase from The Handmade Bow you can be assured that you are going to receive a perfect product made with care.

What people say

“I first purchased Handmade Red Velvet Bows in 1975” said long time friend and customer Henry De Vincent, owner of Boston Tropical Plant in Plainville, MA. He added, “I remember during the holiday season when Mom used to deliver the bows in her station wagon, with 3 kids in tow!”

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